Today, one of the largest motor vehicle insurance exhibitions in the world, “2019 AMR Beijing International Motor Vehicle Insurance Exhibition” opened in Beijing International Exhibition Center (new building). Yuan zheng, as a post-automobile market bench marking enterprise, shows the all-around innovation of China’s auto diagnosis equipment to the global audience.
This time, Yuan Zheng carries X-431 Mobile Diagnostic Center, PAD and PRO Series Vehicle Integrated Diagnostic Equipment; X-431 PT、X-431 PT TPMS Diagnostic tools; Non-contact four-wheel locator, tire disassembly and assembly machine, tire balancer and other tire equipment; Maintenance equipment such as automatic transmission cleaning oil changer, engine waste oil extractor, refrigerant recovery cleaning adder, etc. Battery testers, endoscopes and other testing equipment and tool cars… Show the exhibition equipment up to more than 30 kinds, can be called the most of the exhibition, conspicuous.

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X-431 Mobile Diagnostic Center – First Appearance, Amazing
X-431 Mobile Diagnostic Center is the focus of attention as a vehicle for the first time in the exhibition. Diagnostic center is a mobile diagnostic worktable which integrates diagnostic equipment, flash-test equipment, TPMS equipment, extension module, printer and so on. It forms a complete function, convenient diagnosis, and many auto repair business. It can not only provide one-stop vehicle diagnosis solution for users but also greatly enhance the intelligence and convenience of vehicle diagnosis. This is not only the innovation of the automobile diagnosis equipment itself but also the exploration of the innovation of the operation scene mode of the automobile repair enterprise. The technician friends on the spot showed great enthusiasm for this and came forward to experience it.


The X-931 Non-contact Four-Wheel Locator–One Shot Goes Viral

Although the X-931 non-contact four-wheel locator has made several appearances at large exhibitions at home and abroad, it is still the state-of-the-art four-wheel locator, A lot of the audience are admirers: no disassembly and assembly of the wheel clamp and target, no cart compensation, no real contact measurement, no damage to the rim, laser image processing technology… These have greatly reduced the day-to-day work intensity of auto mechanics. It is reported that several X-931 non-contact four-wheel locators have been sold and installed at home and abroad. There are even customers who have bought X-931 to promote this more energy-efficient and accurate four-wheel locator to other viewers with their own experience.


X-431 ADAS PRO – The Long Journey Is Worth Waiting

X-431 ADAS PRO, the first product introduced by Yuan zheng Technology to the auto ADAS calibration market, is relatively late, but it is the work of our workers. Because we always believe that the classics may be late, but will not be absent. X-431 ADAS PRO can calibrate adaptive cruise system, lane deviation alarm system, night vision system, blind spot detection system, panoramic surveillance system by adjusting the sensors such as vehicle radar and camera, etc. X-431 ADAS PRO can calibrate the self-adaptive cruise system, lane deviation alarm system, night vision system, blind spot detection system, panorama monitoring system, etc, It has the advantages of wide coverage and calibration up to OA grade… The audience at the scene expressed, finally waiting for you!


Of course, tire disassembly and assembly machine, tire balancing machine, automatic transmission cleaning oil change machine, engine waste oil extractor, refrigerant recovery cleaning filler, battery tester, endoscope and tool car category… Our staff have always been very professional in answering questions and answers, because of the variety of auto-diagnosis products that attracted the audience at the scene.


The exhibition will last until March 24, and we invite you to join us at E2E03 to witness the trend of Yuan zheng technology leading the industry. We hope to put the innovation of science and technology into the vehicle diagnosis, and let Yuan zheng’s automobile diagnosis equipment go to the world.


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