The first automotive diagnostic unit sold by Launch Technologies SA was the Launch ADC 2000. This unit had a limited diagnostic capability. The technology utilized was however far more advanced when compared to the technology being used at that time by manufacturers of “Tune-Up Machines” that were being manufactured by companies based in Germany, England and America.

As technology advanced the next generation of automotive diagnostics was being developed by Launch Tech in China resulting in the introduction of the iconic Launch x431 Super Scanner with software for twenty-four different vehicle makes, mainly from Europe and Asia. This unit was readily received by the automotive servicing industry in South and Southern Africa and arguably became the most sought after automotive diagnostic tool. The Launch x431 range was expanded with the introduction of the Launch x431 Master some five years later which had an extended software capability enabling it to diagnose more vehicles sourced mainly from vehicle manufacturers based in Asia and China. From the South African point of view, this was important as a considerable number of vehicles manufactured in countries from that region were being imported by South African Companies.

Based on the popularity of the x431 Super Scanner, more than one hundred Launch x431 Master were sold within three months of it’s launch in South Africa.

As digital technology expanded in recent years Launch Tech in China expanded its range of diagnostic testers such as the Launch Creader range which catered for smaller servicing outlets and even for the DIY market. However, it’s main focus was still concentrated on the x431 range of products.

Approximately three years ago the latest x431 generation of automotive diagnostic testers was launched in South Arica, the Launch x431 PRO. This unit utilizes what is commonly known as the “Tablet” technology, the technology currently being used on smart Phones. This technology has enabled Launch Tech to provide software for more than a hundred different vehicle manufacturers from around the world, a far cry from the twenty-four vehicle makes included in the Launch x431 Super Scanner. Even more important from the customers’ point of view is that utilizing “Tablet” technology has enabled Launch Technologies to offer the x431 Pro at a price comparable the same as the Launch x431 Super Scanner was fifteen years ago.

Up to now the Launch x431 range of testers primarily catered for vehicles with 12volt electrical systems. With the introduction of the Launch x431 Pro 3 servicing outlets can now test vehicles with either 12 or 24 volt systems.

Launch Tech, China employs more than 750 research and development personnel to enable them to ensure that the software utilized in their automotive diagnostic products keeps pace with developments in the automotive manufacturing industry. Software updates are released on a regular bases.

Launch Technologies SA (Pty) Ltd, are the sole authorized importers of Launch products in South and Southern Africa and provide in-house sales and service on all Launch products imported and sold by Launch Technologies or Launch Technology approved agents and/or distributors.