3D Professional Wheel Balancer


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Power Supply – 220V/50Hz 1Ph/0.25 Kw
Rim Diameter – 10/24’’
Max Wheel Diameter – 960mm
Wheel Width – 3’’ – 12’’
Balancing Precision – ± 1g
Centering Wheel Diameter hole – 40 – 150mm
Max Wheel Weight – 65 Kg
Speed rotation – -180 rpm
Net Weight – 160 Kg

• 3D system, automatic input for distance, diameter and width with external data set arm ref.888.967
• Precision, easy and reliability
• CB-966 Hi-resolution of the graphic display, very simple icons and no text on the pictures, the key functions are always displayed and easy to read
• Simple and logical function guide you through all kind of wheel balancing procedures and all kind of weight combination
• Hi-tech quality
• CB-966 hardware and software are LINUX based and the circuit logic processor identify the top level quality about this balancer
• Outstanding operating reliability
• CB-966 offer an operator guidance right through to the matching program, logical procedure are displayed on the screen to give all balancing information you need to easy do all kind of balancing mode procedures with optional external data set arm CB-966 become more fast to full automatic wheel dimension
• Static and dynamic program
• 6 alu program split and hide weight back to spokes
• OPT program, tyre-rim optimization
• FPP system. wheel braking to the compensate weight position
• Pedal brake to hold main shaft during weight application and wheel mounting
• User spec memory, to store wheel size
• ECM, easy calibration mode, areo patented
• ESU, easy software upgrade/update by USB port
• Multi-language set up.
• Customize functions, weight units, dimesion units, and graphic display
• 3 cones from 40mm to 150mm
• 1 light truck spacer
• 1 quick nut
• Monitor 17″ LCD


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