Cleaning and maintenance of the entire transmission system: easily and quickly with just one device.
The CAT-501S offers a range of automatic functions that supply the transmission expert with a simple tool to exchange the transmission fluid.
The CAT-501S may be used in a manual operation as well.



That CAT-501S is an automatic transmission cleaner and fluid exchanger from LAUNCH. It is supplied with a comprehensive range of adaptors, allowing connection to most transmission units, including double clutch and CVT types, it is easily and quickly with just one device Moreover, with bigger 5 inch display and optional VGA function, the presentation and operation will be more easy and vivid.


  • Cycle cleaning with detergent
  • Equivalent exchange with high accuracy
  • 5 inch display
  • Fluid exchanging result customerized printing
  • Free full set of vehicle connectors upgrading globally
  • Fluid flow automatical recogniozation
  • Fluid level adjustment
  • Filter replacement warning
  • Optional VGA function
  • Frequently-used vehicle addding and searching list


  • Oil exchange and level adjustment
  • Print out the procedure and more vehicle data
  • Monitoring of oil temperature
  • Monitoring of oil pressure
  • Empty fluid tank without taking it out

CAT-501S Parameters

Power supply:

  • AC220 ± 10% ∼ 50/60HZ
  • AC110 ± 10% ∼ 60HZ

Equivalent exchange error: ±100ml
Max Detergent capacity: 1000ml
Temperature sensivitity: ± 1°C
Filter presision: 5


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