Computer passenger car & LDV wheel balancer


This product has been discontinued. You may be interested in:

CB250 CB250P


Standard steel and alloy wheels with rims from 08″ to 30″ diameter
Automatic 3D sensor arm “input of rim data, “self” calibration and diagnosis
Conventional, optimization and spit weight balancing program
Complete with foot brake, wheel guard, rim width caliper, wheel weight pliers, calibration weight and 3 size center cone flange set with quick release wing nut.


Power supply: 220V 50Hz single phase 250W
Wheel range: 10″ to 24″
Wheel width: 3″ to 11″
Maximum wheel diameter: 960mm
Precision: 1 gram
Speed rotation: 180rpm
Maximum wheel weight: 65kg
Height x Depth x Weight: 1710 x 1100 x 1350mm

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