Creader Professional 971

CR971 is an activation and diagnostic tool for the TPMS system.


The machine uses high and los radio frequencies to activate and gives tire pressure sensor information. It uses the OBD interface to reset the TPMS modules. This operation is needed when tire sensors are replaced and TPMS DTCs needs to be cleared.

Technical Parameters

  • Screen: 4.0” TFT 320 x 480 dpi
  • Build-in rechargeable li-ion battery: 3.8V 3100mA
  • OBD connector voltage range: 918V
  • Operating Temperature: 0C65C
  • Environment Temperature: -20C70C
  • Size: 195x86x32mm
  • Weight: 460g


  • Brand-new process design:
  • Highlighted4.0-inch color screen, for clear and stable display
  • Connector with unique protection design to prevent fracture
  • User-friendly shortcut keys to enhance the work efficiency
  • Support all 10 test modes of OBD II

Creader Professional971 2

  • Use 125kHz modulating wave signal to activate sensor, Receive 315MHz/433MHz RF signals
  • Read TPMS sensor ID, tire pressure, and temperature
  • Read and write sensor ID via OBD interface
  • Turn on and off TPMS MIL
  • Read and clear TPMS DTCs
  • Display status of four wheels graphically

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