KWA 300-3D Wheel Aligner

The LAUNCH KWA 300-3D Wheel Aligner is unlike any competitor unit because of its “Simple operation” and “DIY Repair” capability.



Value for money – The system meets and complies with the ISO and CE International standards and is supported by German expertise, giving you a quality product of International Standards. The Launch KWA 300 – 3D is competitively priced

Free vehicle wheel alignment specifications – “Free of charge” Simply download the latest available “South African derivative” data from the website at any time and upload into the Launch KWA300-3D Wheel Aligner – it’s as easy as that. The OEM database comprises over 20,000 different models of vehicles. Some models date back to 1967 including South African derivatives. The “South African derivative” data base is continuously being updated.

No more Calibration – calibration is normally only required and done upon initial installation.

Versatility in its requirement – The Launch KWA 300 – 3D Wheel Aligner can be used in conjunction with a 4 Post vehicle lift, a 2 Post vehicle lift or a Pit


D.I.Y. Installation
​A first for South Africa, this is not a dream but a reality and has already been experienced here in South Africa. A The Launch KWA 300 – 3D Wheel Aligner was installed in Cape Town by the customer himself – from unpacking the crates, installing, commissioning and doing the first alignment – without a problem. He has saved himself considerable amount of money. (Refer to – home page article “History in the making
Measurement Angles
Full steering lock (electronically calculated – Manually noted)
Steering straight ahead
Caster sweep front wheels – Left & Right
SAI Front wheels – left and right
Front axle Total Toe
Individual Front toe – Left & Right wheel (includes zoom function for clearer / enlarged display of result values)
Individual Front Camber – Left & Right wheel (includes zoom function for clearer / enlarged display of result values)
Front wheel offset
Rear Axle
Thrust axis
Total Rear Toe
Individual Rear Toe – Left & Right
Individual Rear Camber – Left & Right
Additional Angle
Track width difference
Front wheel setback
Front Axle offset
Rear axle offset
Left lateral offset
Right lateral offset
Wheel base difference


features complete functions,reasonable interface,automatic monitoring and operation tips to eliminate improper operation.The equipment is capable of convenient alignment with real time adjustment of front and rear wheels,and a full array of chassis diagnostic parameters including wheel slip angle,axle slip angle,wheel tread and wheelbase.


  • Power supply: 100-115V AC / 220-240V AC
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz Measuring accuracy within measurement range
  • Total wheel toe angle (FA+RA): ± 0.03 Degree within 0~±20.0 Degree
  • Camber angle: ± 0.03 Degree within 0~±20.0 Degree
  • Castor: ± 0.06 Degree within 0~±25.0 Degree
  • Kingpin inclination: ± 0.06 Degree within 0~±25.0 Degree
  • Maximal steering angle: ± 0.06 Degree within 0~±30.0 Degree
  • Maximal rim size: 20 inches
  • Maximal wheelbase: 4000mm