Portable Disinfectant Maker


Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, harmless and chemical residue-free sodium hypochlorite generator can be made in the home with only ordinary salt and tap water, and it can safely disinfect all aspects of life.

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Principle of electrolysis, Sodium hypochlorite solution is a widely used disinfection product, which is weakly alkaline. Electrolytic brine (NaCl solution) can generate chlorine gas on the anode, and at the same time produce sodium hydroxide in the solution. Chlorine is dissolved in water and forms sodium hypochlorite with sodium hydroxide in the solution.
Use on any surface, Such as showers, toilets, countertops, mirrors, sinks, bathtubs, windows, doors, tile, porcelain, wood, plastic, vinyl, pet gear, sports equipment and more.
3 kinds of concentration, Detergent can effectively inhibit harmful substances in the air, prevent the spread of harmful substances, provide 3 kinds of concentration choices, and clean various objects at reasonable concentrations
Easy to use the 360-degree rotating nozzle, one-key to turn on the clean water generation mode, it only takes 8 minutes to get clean water, which keeps you and your family from virus.

Voltage: 4.2V
Power: 8W
Capacity: 500ML
Working time: 8 minutes
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Function: Generate sodium hypochlorite
Configuration: 300g tap water + 10g salt
Sterilization rate reaches 99.9%?E.coli/Staphylococcus aureus/Candida albicans/Mites, etc.

1. Add water and salt to the pot and start with one click;
2. After the disinfection solution is produced, spray evenly;
3. Wipe the surface of the items to be disinfected, and wipe it with a rag.


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