R600 Wheel Alignment


The easy-to-use software makes your technician an alignment expert in minutes!

Mobile boom
Automatic target tracking

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The Road Buck R600 aligner employs repeatedly tested technology to increase the productivity and efficiency of shops worldwide by offering faster alignment, precise measurements and reliable service.

Vehicle alignment can be performed at a comfortable height. The automatic tracking system along with the movable camera beam enables the R600 aligners to position the car in no time.

The easy-to-use software makes your technician an alignment expert in minutes!

New Features

  1. user-friendly operation interface, quick entrances to all the functions
  2. Car pushing guide and Steering wheel turning guide make the measurement easier and simpler
  3. Wheel adjusting guide provides a clear and real-time data review of the car
  4. Over 20,000 original car datas covers most of the car in the planets, the database is constantly updated and availible for downloading
  5. Android App assists you to monitor and operate the measurement and adjustment in great convenience
  6. Electronic-free targets and clamps assures the stability and acuracy of the alignment and costlessness of the maintanance
  7. 11″ to 23″ could be used on almost all the wheels in the world, and the uniquely designed claws firmly clutch the rims
  8. High resolution camera with LED light indicators guiding the measuring and adjusting


  • Auto tracking camera and movable beam (work level 0 – 2.1 m)
  • Two monitors, the 17″ minor monitor equipted on the door of the computer compartment
  • Optional screen size for main monitor (32″ and 22″)
  • 4 targets with universal wheel clamps 11″–23″
  • Windows OS PC with a printer
  • easy-to-understand symbols and easy-to-operate software
  • Complete and up-to-date OEM specs
  • Free service for OEM specs update and download
  • Car specs database addible
  • 3D Animation alignment instruction
  • 3D measurement screen with all relevant data
  • Vehicle dimensions and wheel rolling radius measurement
  • A-arm and cradle adjustment
  • Mobile boom
  • Automatic target tracking

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