ROADBUCK M204 – Wheel Alignment


3D Car Wheel Aligners

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1. 2HD digital video cameras, fixed camera beam.
2. A genuine version of Autodata database in software,at the same time,it’s equipped with region database such as Japan,Korea,America,Brazil,Saudi Arabia,Australia,Mexico,South Africa,Indonesia and Taiwan.
3. The phone/tablet(android) can control the software.
4. Two wheel Alignment program by fixing only front two target plates.
5. Multiple print modes.
6. Free of fixed steering wheel adjustment.
7. Zoom in option for live parameters.
8. The database updated automatically remotely.
9. Simple diagram are available to help the operator to adjust the wheel.

Measurement and readings:
1. Toe/Camber/ Caster/S.A.I (or KPI)
2. Thrust Angle/Chassis wheelbase/wheel track/Rolling Radius/ Set-Back


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