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4 Post Vehicle Lift Electro Hydraulic operation.
4 Ton Capacity
Lifting height: 1 900mm
Platform length: 4 555mm
Overall width: 3 440mm
Drive through width: 3m
Air safety lock: 10 bars
Required power supply: 380 v 3 phase or 220 volt single phase


Two-layer concealed plate structure, excellent synchronizing performance with the horizontal precision of 1mm.
Driven by hydraulic cylinder and steel cable synchronization
makes stable lifting and lowering.
Full-range mechanical safety protection by using the safety
latches, manual lowering operation.
Full-range mechanical safety lock system.
Cylinder travel limit device effectively protects cylinder and
extends its lifespan.
Cable rupture safety system ,effectively protects vehicle from
Electric controlled lifting and lowering , safe and easy
Mechanical safety device for rope rupture .
Four connected steel cables force synchronized movement of
the lift, effectively prevent vehicles from sloping.
Distance between two platforms is adjustable for vehicles
with different wheel track .


  • Rated load: 4000kg
  • Lifting height:1900mm
  • Initial height:170mm
  • Lifting time:≤60s
  • Lowering time:≥20s≤40s
  • Max. drive-on width:3045mm
  • Platform length:4240mm
  • Platform width:500mm
  • Overall width:3445mm
  • Overall height:2172mm
  • Motor power :2. 2kw
  • Motor voltage:3 phase/380v or Single phase/220V
  • Working noise:≤75dB(A)
  • Working oil pressure:16MPa
  • Working air pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa

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