TLT440W Wheel alignment 4 post lift

Wheel Alignment 4 Post Lift (Rated Capacity: 4 Ton) is used for lifting of various small and medium-sized vehicles with total weight below 4.0t in garage and workshop.


4 Post Vehicle Lift Electro Hydraulic operation.
4 Ton Capacity
Lifting height: 1 900mm
Platform length: 4 555mm
Overall width: 3 440mm
Drive through width: 3m
Air safety lock: 10 bars
Required power supply: 380 v 3 phase or 220 volt single phase
TLT 440 W 4 Post Lift complete with Rear Wheel Slip Plates and Auxiliary Jack.


Two-layer concealed plate structure, excellent synchronizing performance with the horizontal precision of 1mm. Front wheel turn plate’s position is adjustable and rear wheel sliding plate is extended for various vehicle type. Widened platform of rolling jack design ,more applicable for vehicles with different wheel track. Deployed with rolling jack with small scissor electrical hydraulic lifting and lowering.

Positioning level’s accuracy is adjustable, distance between platforms is adjustable, wheel base in certain scope is adjustable. Driven by hydraulic cylinder , full-scope mechanical safety locking by locking latch ,manual lowering.

Cable rupture safety system ,effectively protects vehicle from overturn.

Four connected steel cables force synchronized movement of the lift, effectively prevent vehicles from sloping.

CE-STOP function with safety alarm beep would automatically warn operators to keep safe distance from lift when it lowers to 250mm high from ground.

Cylinder travel limit valve effectively protects cylinder and extends its lifespan.

Emergency lowering valve can be manually operated to make lift lower safely in case power is off.

Electric controlled lifting and lowering ,safe and easy operation.

The installation position of turntable and side slip plate can be moved backwards and forwards.

Applicable for vehicles with different wheel base.


  • Secondary lift
  • Platform length:915-1450mm
  • Platform width:215mm
  • Lifting time:≤ 45s
  • Lowering time:≥10s ≤20s
  • Lifting load:2000kg
  • Lifting height:220-450mm
  • Working noise:≤ 75dB(A)
  • Working oil pressure:16MPa
  • Working air pressure:0.5-0.7 MPa


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