PL1261M Tyre Changer 220V/50HZ/1PH


L-1261 Arm Wheel Clamp Tire Changer suitable for demount/mount tyres of cars, motorcycles, BMW 7 series .The PL-1261 wheel clamp tire changer is the perfect changer for a small commercial garage or an ATV/motorcycle dealer.

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1.Semi-automatic swing arm;
2.Suitable for demount/mount tyres of cars, motorcycles;
3.Manual locking swing arm, convenient and fast;
4.Special design, upgraded bigger non- central turntable and high power motor,greatly increase work strength;
5. Max working clamping 22”;
6.Demount/mount head, which standard equipped with plastic protector (set) avoiding the metal bird head scratch rims effectively;
7.Bead breaker shovel can optional equipped with plastic protector avoiding damage rim when pressing the tyre;
8.Easy to learn for operation, covers less space;
9.Quickly demount/mount the tyres saving the working time and improving work efficiency
10.Non- central clamping jaws are totally one step die casting, low broken rate


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