X-431 Wifi Printer


The Pro / Pro III Wireless Wi-Fi Printer is a must have accessory for mechanics, technicians and anyone else who makes regular use of the Launch X431 Pro or the Launch X431 Pro III.

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Compact and sturdy, it is ideally suited for life around busy garages or on the road with mobile technicians.

It can be used to print out diagnostic data and information immediately after collecting them; rather than having to save them and print them out later on.

This wireless external printer will allow you to print out:

  • Codes
  • Code definitions
  • Module information
  • Live data
  • Coding information

Diagnostic procedures:

The Pro / Pro III Wi-Fi Printer is incredibly lightweight, simple to set up and use. Capable of printing out diagnostic results at speed, this printer is made with an auto-load / feed printer design, ensuring its work efficiency and making it one tool that you would not want to be without.

The Pro / Pro III Wi-Fi Printer also comes with:

  • Printer cable
  • USB data cable
  • Cigarette lighter cable
  • Thermal paper

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